Monumental 5 Press Conference

Monumental 5 Press Conference from Bucktown USA on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Monumental 5 Press Conference

  1. the muse says:

    Let this be the first of many until the NYPD is held accountable for their negative actions. They do not live by the code they are sworn to. New York needs a resolve. This will never be accepted as just behavior.

  2. Free?Dumb! says:

    The 7th Precinct needs to be held accountable for its actions! Also, Tammany Hall MUST be sued for handing its patrons over for abuse, without interceding on our behalf. It’s also against the law for discharging tear gas / pepper spray INSIDE such a small venue. More people could’ve been seriously injured; the NYPD who attacked the patrons incited a conflict for absolutely no reason, other than they could do so.

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